Digital Photo Printer Reviews - Which Is Best For You?

The old days of sending your film out to be developed and waiting days to see what they looked like are quickly fading into the past as today's photo printers make everything so much easier and quicker. Now all you have to do is just snap your photos, hook up your camera to the photo printer and in seconds your beautiful prints are pouring out before your very eyes. It's really that simple!

Of course, you can also upload your photos to your computer and edit them before printing too. With all of the photo editing software that is available for use today, there is no reason that your photos can't look like like they came straight from a photo lab as they come out of your printer. But which photo printer should you buy?

The term photo printer is often used for just the small specialized snapshot printers that only produce 4 X 6 photos and no enlargements, but these days even their larger brethren are being called photo printers since that is the main use that many folks are putting them to at home. Here are a few digital photo printer reviews to help you find a high quality printer for your needs:

If a snapshot printer happens to be all that you really need, a good unit to look into is the Epson PictureMate Deluxe Viewer Edition that comes with a 2.4 inch LCD preview screen and is really economical to operate, producing great 4 X 6 photos that only costs on average a little over 20 cents each.

If a larger inkjet photo printer is needed, the Canon Pixma iP4000 is almost universally agreed to be one of the best in it's category. It uses four separate ink cartridges for improved image results and a special black ink that makes photos just pop off the page with contrast. It is also a great multi-function printer, but it makes an excellent photo printer as well.

For those who want even more professional results, and capability to print enlargements on up to 13 X 19 inches, the Canon i9900 would be a great selection. It uses 8 ink cartridges with 2 picoliter droplets to produce outstanding photo results, and can even print a 13 X 19 borderless print in under three minutes, making it blazing fast too.

Any of these digital photo printers would make a great choice, but we tried to select a printer for each level of photography from that of just wanting to print snapshots alone, to those who are more serious about their photography, and then even to the most demanding of serious photographers. All of these three printers have received very high marks from online independent and consumer reviews, so a selection of any one of them should be a very wise choice.
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